November 28, 2011

Fly fishing for pike

For a couple of months now I'm googling for anything related to fly fishing for pike and thinking about buying the gear to do it. I think I got hooked specifically by the movie below. Fly tying looks like fun too, when you have not much to do in the dark winter evening, tie a fly or two ;-) If I take off with my plan to treat myself with a big birthday present in January, I'm sure I'm going to post any developments in my fly casting education and of course the first catch. In the meantime enjoy the movie - it's a treat!

November 26, 2011

Street fishing 2

Just a quick session today in the morning and a nice catch of 87cm. The other one was 70 cm. Again Savage Gear 4Play does the job ;-) Tomorrow long anticipated friendly pike fishing competition near Amsterdam :-)

November 21, 2011

Street fishing

Today I spent a day doing some street style fishing in Leidschenveen/Forepark. Very foggy weather and cold. I have landed 3 pikes, the biggest one 74cm. The water was very murky and of course the pikes adapt their colours to it. Look at the fins on the first picture ;-) All pikes were caught on Savage Gear 4Play in 3D Minnow and Golden Ambulance colours,

November 20, 2011

Quantity but not quality ...

I haven't written anything in over a month and my fishing time is limited to only one day a week. Despite that I have landed around 30 pikes on 6 trips – I lost count to be honest. I have been fishing mostly in the polders near Gouda. Most of the pikes were average 60-70 cm with few peaks above it. Only one decent fish – 85 cm – on the picture above. I decided to not take pictures to anything below 70 cm and if possible unhook the fish in the water. The most used lures were Savage Gear 4Play Lip Lure, colors 3D minnow or Golden Ambulance. Tomorrow I'm going to do some urban style fishing in a search for a bigger catch... Next week – a friendly competition between the Poolse Sportvissers in Nederland.