November 14, 2013

How to combine two hobbies

Here is how to combine two hobbies - I created a drying machine for my tube flies out of the LEGO Technic blocks. The machine is remotely controlled, it has 7 speeds that allow to adjust how the glue is running (denser glue runs slower). This way I'm able to create smooth, round fly heads. It's a small detail but definitely catches the eye when nicely done. The only thing is that the noise emitted by the small electric motor drives my wife crazy, so I have to lock it in a different room.

Here is the machine at work:

On another topic - here is the last nice 93cm pike I caught during a friendly competition between members of "Poolse Vissers in Nederlands".

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  1. That drying machine is brilliant,cool and funny.
    Nice blog.Keep up the good work