October 5, 2013

Polder pike

One of my office colleagues wanted to see how is it to fish for pike in the Netherlands. He has some childhood experience with fishing, but not much really. I invited him for a session today. I thought to myself - I better pick a "safe bet" place, where we will definitely catch something, maybe not a big fish, but just anything to show him some result. I selected my favourite polder area known for the quantity of fish but not for the big pikes. After 15 minutes we were lucky to land this beautiful 78cm polder pike. This topped my personal best for the polder pike - used to be 71cm. We saw the pike following the lure retrieved at a slow pace and his big mouth opening and sucking the lure. Quite exciting!

It was also an occasion to try out a new lure - SPRO introduced a 9cm version of the Screamin Devil. It also has a new, bigger brother - 15cm, which I'm going to use on the city waters. This little lure swims amazing and to be honest some times ago I thought that I would like to have the original lure, but smaller, better suited for shallow polder water. And here it is!