January 20, 2013

Modified flash tail whistler

Winter in its full here in Holland, a lot of snow (a lot for Holland anyway) and pretty much everything frozen, so no fishing this weekend. With some spare time I made another fly tying video. I slightly modified very classic pattern, the flash tail whistler, by adding big EP fibre head. The fly is meant to be fished on a floating line. The idea for the EP fibre head is to keep the fly on the surface when it lands and then sink it with the line pull. Big head should push plenty of water and generous amount of flash should work well in murky Dutch canals.

January 16, 2013

Double bunny suspending fly

After running around between street canals and polders with my fly rod I came up (not being really first and innovative) with a suspending fly. I will fish it with a full sinking line. The deer hair head of the fly will provide buoyancy and the little dumbbell eyes will counter it a bit. I found it that on shallower water and very often on short casts it's hard to sink this kind of fly, therefore I added little dumbbell eyes to counter the buoyancy. Enjoy my first fly tying video!

January 5, 2013

First pike in 2013

I just got back from a two week visit in Poland. Second day in the Netherlands and I went fishing of course. Today's score is a 75 cm pike from a 3hr session. I decided to further pursue fly fishing and try fishing from a belly boat, but It's going to cost me some money (bboat, fins, safety west, waders, shoes, maybe echo sounder). During the visit in Poland I already bought waders and shoes. I went for the "Vision" brand and bought "Kura" waders with the "Hopper" shoes. If you are looking for a fly fishing shop that has it all in Krakow, I can recommend www.hurch.pl. Now it's time to decide on the belly boat :-)