February 26, 2012

Dikke dame!

Today I was hesitant to go out fishing, having in mind yesterdays experience. I got up late in the morning, had a coffee and tied a streamer made just with flash material for the extra murky waters. I added a glass rattle to this one. It really paid off! After 1 hours of fishing I came to the small bridge, where I remembered I had a nice take a month ago, but lost the fish. In the third cast, while stripping, the fly became heavier, a lot heavier. The fight was on, after 5-6 minutes I had a beautiful pike with a really broad back in the reach of my hand. I had to sat on a high bank to grab her, while she decided it was not yet her time and swam away again. Another 2-3 minutes and this time I grabbed her by the gill cover. Oh my god, it was no the biggest pike in my life, but certainly the fattest! I didn't have a sling with the weight scale with me, just the measuring tape, but with 94cm she was much, much over 10kg. Quick picture and she swam away. The Dutch call these pikes "dikke dames", fat ladies.

February 25, 2012

Fishing is slow...

Difficult day today, I visited all my hotspots, no sign of any fish. Looks like they are still glued to the bottom, water is still cold. I managed to take one pike on the fly, 73cm. My casting skills are improving, I'm starting to enjoy fishing rather then focusing on making that good cats. The line with the pike WF taper casts really great. I may buy intermediate one in addition to the floating - I have a feeling I should be fishing closer to the bottom.

February 18, 2012

Ice is melting...

Finally a warm period after two weeks of -10 degrees. Ice is melting and I couldn't stay at home with that thought, so went fishing. Today I have caught one 71 cm pike on the fly. Fight was short as the water is still cold and the fish are letargic. Quick picture and jack goes happily back to the water. During the freezing cold period I bought a new line - Airflo Sixth Sense WF 7/8 with a pike taper. I'm a merely a beginner trying to grasp the aspects of fly fishing, but this line has changed my way of thinking about fly casting. It loads the rod  very quickly, which is very important for me when fishing on small canals, very often between the trees. I also picked up a tip from one of the pike fishing blogs and started to make furled leaders - this is really helping turning the fly over. So all together I had a good day: fly casting goes better and caught a fish!

February 11, 2012

Thumbs up for Hardy&Greys Customer Service!

I would like to say a few good words about the Hardy&Greys customer service. About a month ago I broke the tip section of my new Greys GS2 9' 8# rod. I send the bottom part of the tip section as required by the H&G's Worldwide Extended Warranty, along with my credit card number and some more personal details. The warranty rules state that a handling fee of 25 pounds + 10% of the retail price of the rod per damaged section needs to be charged in order to replace the broken section. Within two days since they received the package, a replacement tip was send to me. The whole operation took just a week. When I opened the package I found a statement that no fee was charged, as the rod was only 16 days old. Only money I spent was the 9.50 Euro for a registered delivery from the Netherlands to UK.
I have to admit, I have never had such a good experience with a customer service! Depends on how my fly fishing experience will develop, probably somewhere down the road I will be interested in buying 9'10# rod. I will definitely consider another rod from Hardy&Greys.

Thumbs up for a great service!