December 30, 2011

Street fishing 5+6+7

For the past two days the weather was not really encouraging for fishing, pouring rain and 7 degrees. I went fishing both days only for one hour. One day I blanked (two empty strikes though). The second day I landed 75cm pike and accounted an exciting strike of a huge pike just at my feet, but she missed. I'll definitely visit the same place next weekend.

Today it was a different story. I landed four fish (74, 47, 77 and 78cm) and lost another two.

Tomorrow probably I'll not have time to go out fishing, so this makes it the last fishing session this year.

Happy New Year and lots of bending rods in 2012!

December 27, 2011

Street fishing 4

I don't have to work between Christmas and New Years, so of course I went fishing today. What a day! I landed 4 pikes, the biggest one on the picture above was 87cm. This is actually a fish I caught already this year, a month ago, on November 27th. I had two another spectacular strikes, just a half a meter away from my feet, in both cases the fish unhooked themselves, I didn't manage to land them. I fished all day with SPRO Screamin' Triple Devil lure in "Aussie Poison Frog" color.

December 18, 2011

Street fishing 3

I've been ill last week, so didn't do any fishing. This Saturday however I managed to get done few hours of street fishing. I landed three pikes - biggest one 80 cm. The guy few meters away from me landed really nice, fat 105cm.

On another note, in order to get some solid knowledge about pike fly fishing before buying any gear, I treated myself with some books. I'll try to read them between Christmas and New Years (I'm on a leave then :-)).