November 2, 2013

First pike from a belly boat

Ha, finally! Few weeks ago I bought a fish finder, today I tried it for the second time. I just started to learn how to read it. I was fishing over 13m of water and located a school of fish around 8m. I'm using now a Di7 sink rate line from Airflo, so the counting started - 37, 38, 39, 40... - this should do it, the fly should be at around 8m now.  Strip, strip, strip... bam... hooked! It was close to shore so I towed it and took a picture on shallow water. The weather collapsed just after that, so I packed all the gear to my car and finished the day on the city water, but with no luck.
On another topic, I found this picture somewhere in my archives, taken at the end of the summer.

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  1. Congratz to your Hi&Dry Pike. I use this boat too: