December 27, 2011

Street fishing 4

I don't have to work between Christmas and New Years, so of course I went fishing today. What a day! I landed 4 pikes, the biggest one on the picture above was 87cm. This is actually a fish I caught already this year, a month ago, on November 27th. I had two another spectacular strikes, just a half a meter away from my feet, in both cases the fish unhooked themselves, I didn't manage to land them. I fished all day with SPRO Screamin' Triple Devil lure in "Aussie Poison Frog" color.


  1. Congrats mate,that´s a nice fish
    Those "stripes" on the back looks different than on our pikes here in Scandinavia but she´s still a beauty.


  2. Thanks Johan!
    I think "your" pikes are much darker. Last year I saw a big pike missing my jerkbait and she looked "all white" with just a greenish back..