January 4, 2012

My top 3 lures of 2011

Number 3 : SPRO Sreamin’ Triple Devil

I started to use this swimbait only in the few last weeks of the year, but its effectives on the city canals/former polder waters gave it a third place this year. The length of the lure is 13cm and it has a real fish profile, which makes it present itself as a sizeable catch, worth of chasing in the colder months when pike prefer a bigger meal. The lure features a very loud rattles and can be retrieved very slowly, still moving like fish and producing sounds. I used the black/yellow version (Aussie Poison Frog) in the murky, shallow waters, and it was very effective on both sunny and cloudy days.
You have to use a casting rod and a multiplier reel with this one, as it weights 50g. One more thing to mention is that this lure is equipped with a high quality, very sharp Gamakatsu trebles.

Number 2 : SPRO BBZ-1 4”

Little 10 cm lure with the most lifelike action I have ever seen in my life. I use it with my light tackle and I can achieve really long distance casts with this one. The lure has a built in small rattle. Although it has only one treble under the belly, I didn’t notice any problems with hooking the fish. The bigger pikes just engulf it, while most of the smaller ones strike on the belly part, where the treble is. You can even see very clear, half-circle tooth marks on it. I found it most productive on a slow retrieve in a clear water. I’ll never forget one strike on a calm, shallow 0.5m water - first I saw a huge wave, then opening jaws and a water explosion. This was my favorite fish of the past year, although not the biggest one (only 84 cm). The little BBZ-1 has found an everlasting place in my light tackle lure box.

Number 1 : Savage Gear 4Play

Well known lure available for quite a while. I was using the 13.5cm ”Lip Lure” version. The lure comes also in a “Jerk&Swim” version, but its action is a bit dull for me (It is much better though in the bigger, 19cm size of this lure). I used this lure for my “wounded fish” tactic. Cast it , let it sink a while and twitch it, making it move for 30-50 cm, stop, let it sink and twitch again. I tried few colors, but the 3D Minnow and Golden Ambulance worked the best for me. I used 3D Minnow on cloudy days and/or murky waters. Golden Ambulance on clear waters on sunny days, specially close to the sunset, and these lure/conditions produced my biggest catch of the 2011 – 92 cm pike. One problem with the 3D Minnow is the material it is made of. It is a thin foil responsible for the shining, holographic effect. After a couple of strikes it started to peel off and now it is just shredded to pieces. I may buy another, exactly the same lure, but this time I may cover it with some kind of varnish to give it a little bit more protection against the pike’s teeth.

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