February 26, 2012

Dikke dame!

Today I was hesitant to go out fishing, having in mind yesterdays experience. I got up late in the morning, had a coffee and tied a streamer made just with flash material for the extra murky waters. I added a glass rattle to this one. It really paid off! After 1 hours of fishing I came to the small bridge, where I remembered I had a nice take a month ago, but lost the fish. In the third cast, while stripping, the fly became heavier, a lot heavier. The fight was on, after 5-6 minutes I had a beautiful pike with a really broad back in the reach of my hand. I had to sat on a high bank to grab her, while she decided it was not yet her time and swam away again. Another 2-3 minutes and this time I grabbed her by the gill cover. Oh my god, it was no the biggest pike in my life, but certainly the fattest! I didn't have a sling with the weight scale with me, just the measuring tape, but with 94cm she was much, much over 10kg. Quick picture and she swam away. The Dutch call these pikes "dikke dames", fat ladies.


  1. Cześć, jak ci się sprawuje ten GS2 ?

  2. Hej, na razie jest OK, wyciagnalem na niego ~10 szczupakow, najwieksza sztuka na zdjeciu powyzej - daje rade.
    Ciezko mi jest cos wiecej powiedziec - to moja pierwsza muchowka w zyciu. Jedyna uwage mam do korka na uchwycie, nie jest najlepszej jakosci, pojawily sie szpary, ktore wczesniej byly zalepione, ale woda wyplukala wypelniacz. Szczerze powiedziwszy to moje spiningowe wedki Dragona za 200 zl maja lepsze uchwyty.

  3. Dzięki za odpowiedź :-)